First Baptist Church
Sweetwater, TN

We don't care how you're dressed, how many tattoos you have, or what candidate you voted for. We are a church full of broken, imperfect people with every kind of story imaginable, and we're saving a seat for you!

All services and meetings are currently suspended during this time of uncertainty. Please check our Facebook page or contact the office with any questions and for updates as we all navigate this together.

Sunday School Classes

Sunday School starts at 9:45 am. We have classes for all ages; classes and leaders are listed below.

Preschool/Nursery: (2nd floor)
Infants: Yvonne Roy, Cassie Huettel, Tracy McCann, Linda Smith, Britt Ridley
2’s & 3’s: Pidge Collette, Dianne Whitehead
4’s & 5’s: Dianne Hall, Judy Weiss, Irene Bivens

Children: (Meet on the 2nd floor)
1st & 2nd Grade: Judy Leonard, Brenda Watts
3rd - 6th Grade: Bailie Roy, Andrew Barr, & Alyssa Burgess

Youth: (Meet in the Den - 1st floor)
7th & 8th Grade: Emily Roy
9th -12th Grade: Krissy and David Tallent


3rd floor - Sanctuary Level

College and Career 18-22: Mark Houston
Priscilla and Aquila 40+ Co-ed: Reed Dixon
Lydia 45+ Women's: Teri Young
Deborah 50+ Women's: Betty Parks
Builders 55+ Men's:  Joe Anderson/Phil Roy 
Mary of Bethany 75+ Women's: Cindy Lemmonds

2nd floor - Office Level

Pairs & Spares 18+ Co-ed: Heath and Holly Harrison
Cornerstone Class 35+ Co-ed: David Watts
Fellowship 50+ Co-ed: Helen Pardue/Richard Rowe

1st floor - Fellowship Hall Level

Seekers 22+ Co-ed: Mark Thomasson

Main Services & Meetings

Sunday Church schedule:
– 9:30 am Library Opens
– 10:00 am Sunday school for all ages
– 11:00 am Morning Worship Service
– 4:00 pm Proclaim Choir Practice
– 4:30 pm Celebration Choir Practice
– 5:30 pm AWANA Children’s Activities
– 5:30 pm Youth Sunday Evening Meeting
– 5:45 pm Library Opens
– 6:00 pm Evening Worship Service

– 6:00 pm Celebrate Recovery

– no standing meetings or events

– 3:00 pm Youth Room Opens
– 5:00 pm Supper
– 5:15 pm Children’s Choir
– 6:00 pm Prayer Meeting
– 6:20 pm RA’s and GA’s Children’s Activities

– no standing meetings or events

– no standing meetings or events

– no standing meetings or events

Please call the main office with any questions 423-337-3533