Sunday School Classes

Sunday School starts at 9:45 am. We have classes for all ages; classes and leaders are listed below.


Infants: Yvonne Roy, Cassie Huettel, Tracy McCann, Linda Smith, Britt Ridley
2’s & 3’s: Pidge Collette, Dianne Whitehead
4’s & 5’s: Dianne Hall, Judy Weiss, Irene Bivens

Children: (Meet on the 2nd floor)

1st & 2nd Grade: Judy Leonard, Brenda Watts
3rd - 6th Grade: Bailie Roy, Andrew Barr, & Alyssa Burgess

Youth: (Meet in the Den - 1st floor)

7th & 8th Grade: Emily Roy
9th -12th Grade: Krissy and David Tallent


3rd floor - Sanctuary Level

College and Career 18-22: Mark Houston
Priscilla and Aquila 40+ Co-ed: Reed Dixon
Lydia 45+ Women's: Teri Young
Deborah 50+ Women's: Betty Parks
Builders 55+ Men's: Joe Anderson/Phil Roy
Mary of Bethany 75+ Women's: Cindy Lemmonds

2nd floor - Office Level

Pairs & Spares 18+ Co-ed: Heath and Holly Harrison
Cornerstone Class 35+ Co-ed: David Watts
Fellowship 50+ Co-ed: Helen Pardue/Richard Rowe

1st floor - Fellowship Hall Level

Seekers 22+ Co-ed: Mark Thomasson

Main Services & Meetings

Sunday Church schedule:

– 9:30 am Library Opens
– 10:00 am Sunday school for all ages
– 11:00 am Morning Worship Service
– 4:00 pm Proclaim Choir Practice
– 4:30 pm Celebration Choir Practice
– 5:30 pm AWANA Children’s Activities
– 5:30 pm Youth Sunday Evening Meeting
– 5:45 pm Library Opens
– 6:00 pm Evening Worship Service


– 6:00 pm Celebrate Recovery


– no standing meetings or events


– 3:00 pm Youth Room Opens
– 5:00 pm Supper
– 5:15 pm Children’s Choir 
– 6:00 pm Prayer Meeting
– 6:20 pm RA’s and GA’s Children’s Activities


– no standing meetings or events


– no standing meetings or events


– no standing meetings or events

Please call the main office with any questions 423-337-3533